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Welcome to the new and completely redesigned Gyptone website that takes you into a modern world of design and acoustics.

We wish to inspire you and to release your creativity, because we believe that comfortable environments make people happier, more innovative and productive.

Discover the benefits of our products, and find the perfect solutions for your new project.

New EPDs show less environmental impact

We are continuing our environmental ambitions and have received new and better EPDs for all Gyptone products - Outperforming all immediate competitors.

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Explore our systems

We offer a wide range of acoustic ceilings for all purposes. Explore our comprehensive product systems.

Demountable ceilings

Gyptone Tiles

Gyptone tiles combine durability and acoustic excellence with attractive designs.

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Filled joint ceilings and walls

Gyptone BIG

The ideal acoustic ceiling solution for larger rooms – and for walls, too, thanks to its strong connections.

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Curved ceilings

Gyptone BIG Curve

Create astonishing, curved ceilings with good acoustic properties. And enjoy an attractive surface with no visible joints.

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Corridor ceilings

Gyptone Plank

The ideal acoustic ceiling in corridors and hallways where easy access to installations is required.

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Corridor ceilings

Gyptone Trap

The Gyptone Trap solution is hinged, so you can quickly open large areas of corridor ceilings and get full access to installations.

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Demountable ceilings

Gyptone Xtensiv

Exceptional ease of installation is one of the main advantages of the new Xtensiv lightweight boards – an ideal solution for large rooms and corridors.

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Eliminating noise in schools

Noise is a huge and growing challenge in modern schools. But there is a way to solve this issue. Gyptone’s acoustics solutions create an environment where teachers and students can easily hear and understand one another.

See how the total renovation of classrooms and hallways in the school Dyvekeskolen in Denmark has led to happier students that learn more and happier teachers that use less effort.

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Clean air


Gyptone Activ’Air decomposes up to 70% of the formaldehyde in a controlled test environment.

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Curved boards

2.2 meter

Gyptone BIG Curve boards can be curved down to a radius of 2.2 meters in dry conditions.

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Gyptone acoustic ceilings are 100% recyclable.

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Good acoustic comfort

Acoustics are crucial to a good indoor climate. Good acoustics provide a pleasant noise level, where unwanted sounds are absorbed while speech can be heard clearly.

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Cleaner air with Gyptone Activ’Air

Gyptone Activ'Air technology improves air quality and helps reduce formaldehyde concentrations by up to 70%.

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