Case Study

Valgimigli High School

Architects: Polistudio A.E.S., Riccione
Contractors: Gm Costruzioni S.r.l., Fano
Country: Italy

A modern-looking horseshoe shaped building is the home of the new teacher-training Valgimigli high school, which contains 43 classrooms, a large, well-lit library, reading room a 150 m² multipurpose space, a canteen area and a series of language, IT, chemistry and physics laboratories.

The building can be seen as a real prototype, built with innovative technologies and solutions to a high level of energy efficiency and with excellent aesthetic and architectural performance.


Line perforation in gypsum ceiling

Gyptone Big LINE 6 ceiling system was used for this case. The linear perforated pattern was ensuring optimal acoustic regulation, particularly in large areas, and with exceptional luminosity and aesthetic performance.

The solutions used were designed specifically for this project, and have a positive impact on the quality of the teaching activities, and the students’ learning capacity because of the internal comfort and acoustics. 


Line perforation in gypsum ceiling

Line perforation in gypsum ceiling