Case Study

Raine & Horne's real estate office

Country: Australia

Comfortable environment for concentrating and working

With Gyptone BIG Line 6, being fitted throughout the general office working areas, as well as the reception and boardroom, the result is not just a ceiling with high visual impact, but a ceiling that includes a multitude of additional performance-based features.

Reducing echo and noise reverberation, Gyptone perforated plasterboards is the ideal material for an office ceiling, allowing for private and sensitive conversations to stay between four walls and not go any further.


Meeting room with acoustic ceiling

"Privacy is the key in our line of work so creating a peaceful and relaxed environment where our clients feel comfortable is essential." 


Meeting room with acoustic ceiling

Acoustics and style take centre stage in office renovation

As the first point of call for property buyers and sellers, a real estate office showcases its standard of service through its office surroundings. Showing prospective clientele the respect and knowledge they have of architecture and interiors – real estate offices look to high-quality materials and design to make an impact.

Helping to make a striking first impression at Raine & Horne’s commercial office in Wembley, Gyptone perforated plasterboard was used for the office ceiling. 


Meeting room with acoustic ceiling