Case Study

Private Residence Gjølberg

Country: Norway

Increasing need for acoustic improvements in new homes

There is an increasing need for acoustic improvements in new homes. Open floor plans with cathedral ceilings, in combination with hard, smooth surfaces most often results in reduced acoustic comfort.


Acoustic ceiling in private house

The Gjølberg family's life improved with Gyptone acoustic ceilings

The Gjølberg family in Fredrikstad experienced this in its new home. They chose to install Gyptone acoustic ceilings from Gyproc, achieving significantly reduced echo in the room.

The actual noise reduction was documented with measurements performed by Multiconsult.


Gyptone BIG boards in residential

"After installing the acoustic tiles, we experienced a huge improvement. There is a tremendous difference in the sound before and after the noise reduction. Now the sound is sharper and clearer, and we are noticeably less worn out. The sound from television and films is also much clearer.”



Gyptone BIG Quattro 71