Case Study

Malmö Live Concert hall

Architects: Schmidt/Hammer/Lassen
Contractors: Skanska
Country: Sweden

Controlling acoustics in large concert and conference halls

Malmö Live is a centrally located complex in the Swedish city of Malmö. Its purpose is to make music and culture more available for city residents and visitors.


Acoustic ceiling in concert hall


The large concert hall has 1,600 seats. There is also a smaller concert hall which has a ceiling 10 metres high and holds 500 standing or 350 seated people. Gyptone provided acoustic solutions under the roof of Kuben, and also for the control room in the recording studio, to which both concert halls are connected.

Gyproc also supplied acoustic ceilings for Malmö Live’s conference hall – a large, adjustable space covering over 1,400 m2 with capacity for 1,500 participants.


Acoustic ceiling in concert hall

“We have used two different types of acoustic panels boards to achieve the desired reflection, diffusion or absorption of the sound. Of course, you need to have a small arsenal of different board types in order to adjust various acoustic elements to the objectives of a specific room or hall. Gyptone BIG Line, for example, has acoustic properties that differ from Gyptone Tile Quattro as it has a different type of perforation.”



Black acoustic gypsum tiles


In total, the three premises contain almost 1,000 m2 of Gyptone Tile Quattro 20 and approximately 100 m2 of Gyptone Line 4, all in black, with Gyptone BIG Line 4 being mainly used in the flexible hall Kuben.

Malmö Live will be assessed under the internationally recognised Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification programme, with the aim of achieving the highest, “platinum” level of certification. The complex also has ‘Class A’ certification under the Swedish Environmental Building Programme.


Acoustic sound studio


“Material selection is an important part of the environmental assessment. The same applies to the transport of materials. The acoustic ceilings from Gyproc meet our requirements, both from an environmental point of view and with respect to acoustic properties and installation characteristics.

 Acoustic plates from Gyproc were selected by acoustic engineers to withstand the high acoustic requirements of the concert and congress premises.”




Gyptone BIG board