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We offer a wide range of acoustic ceilings for all purposes. Explore our comprehensive product series.

Demountable ceilings

Gyptone Tiles

Gyptone tiles are produced in four different edge designs, suitable for both exposed and concealed grids, and in several patterns and formats. The tiles have perforations which, together with the acoustic backing tissue, provide excellent acoustic properties.

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Gyptone BIG

Gyptone BIG Boards are the ideal solution for large rooms that need an acoustic ceiling without any visible joints between the boards. The boards have a strong surface and even stronger connections, which makes them suitable for walls as well.

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Curved ceilings

Gyptone BIG Curve

Your vision of creating curved ceilings with good acoustic properties is turned into reality with Gyptone BIG Curve. It is a very flexible acoustic board that can be curved down to a radius of 2.2 meters in dry conditions, and 1.2 meters in wet conditions.

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Gyptone Plank

Gyptone Plank is an attractive range of boards that allows for very fast and easy installation. The acoustic ceiling and its supporting sections can be easily demounted, making Plank suitable for corridors and hallways where easy access to installations is required.

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Gyptone Xtensiv

Although very light and thin – only 10mm – the new Gyptone Xtensiv boards are easily installed using the simple and stable Cross Lock Unipro 24mm grid system. This makes them an ideal solution for halls, auditoriums, hallways, and other indoor facilities with large ceiling areas.

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