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Sports and leisure

Gyptone’s acoustic walls and ceillings

Indoor sports facilities and museums are built to accommodate large numbers of people. Whether those visitors are active or not, the acoustic requirements are demanding.

Gyptone helps you combine attractive design, visual comfort and a pleasant sound environment – thanks to our broad range of solutions designed for sports facilities, museums and other public buildings where crowds of people often gather.

We provide a simple answer to the complex challenge of creating both sound and visual comfort. Gyptone’s acoustic walls and ceilings have large, continuous surfaces (with or without patterns) which tie in perfectly with modern design aesthetics.

The sports and leisure segment includes:

  • Sports facilities
  • Cultural buildings
  • Museums

The best of Swedish design

The stunning Malmö Live is a centrally located complex in the Swedish city of Malmö. Its purpose is to make music and culture more available for city residents and visitors. We have supplied acoustic ceilings to several of the facilities in the complex.

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Gyptone is ideal for rooms with high ceilings or the need for acoustic features in areas with a large numbers of people. Find more inspiration in our brochure with photos of public buildings.

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Get inspired for your next project and explore our cases of cultural buildings, sports facilities, museums etc.

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