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Demountable tile with round perforation

Gyptone Tile Point 80 - edge A

Gyptone Point 80 with edge A is a perforated plasterboard with round perforation that, together with acoustic backing tissue, provides good acoustic properties. The board has a durable, decorative and easy-to-maintain surface.



Thickness, mm


Modular - length, mm


Modular - width, mm


Weight per sqm, kg


Perforation whole width, mm


Hole distance, mm


Perforation area, %



White; NCS 0300

Article No


Activ' Air

Gyptone Activ’Air is designed to decompose formaldehyde emissions from emitting building materials, paint, furniture, carpets etc., into non harmful inert compounds.

Reaction to fire

A2-s1, d0

Humidity and heat

Gyptone Tiles should be used in areas with a relative humidity that does not constantly exceed 70% or temperature of 45°C.

Gyptone Point 80 with edge A is used in combination with a T15 or T24 grid system for demountable acoustic ceilings where you want a visibly recessed grid system.

Gyptone Tile Point 80 - edge A

These measurements meet the requirements of ISO 354. All measurements were carried out on standard tiles with acoustic tissue laminated on the back. The construction height specifies the distance between the undersides of the suspended ceiling and the existing construction. The tiles' sound absorption is affected by the construction height and by any mineral wool behind them.

Gyptone Tile Base 38 - edge A

Gyptone Base 38 with edge A is an unperforated plasterboard that has a durable, decorative and easy-to-maintain surface.

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