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New Gyptone Edge D2

New design opportunities with Gyptone Edge D2

The new Gyptone Edge D2 is a comprehensive series of demountable acoustic ceiling tiles in several attractive patterns. The new tiles open up a wide range of new opportunities for designing acoustic ceilings. As an architect, you get the freedom to shape attractive spaces for people, unleashing your creativity even more.

Edge D2 tiles have an innovative construction. The edge is fitted directly into the concealed grid system. Beams and profiles are easily clicked together and there are fewer hangers than other similar systems. In addition, joints between the tiles become less visible than with other suspension systems, ensuring a smooth look, a clean and harmonious ceiling.

The hidden T24 grid system Cross-Lock Unipro – also completely new – is easily mounted. In fact, the mounting time of the grid system has been reduced by 20% compared to other concealed systems on the market lowering installation time and costs significantly.

Ceilings with Edge D2 tiles not only create an optimal acoustic environment, they also open up exciting opportunities for designing light solutions. It allows for perfect integration with a wide range of light fittings ensuring the ideal combination of aesthetics, acoustics and lighting.

Edge D2 has a long row of advantages

  • 20% faster mounting
  • Fewer hangers
  • Beams and profiles are easily clicked together
  • No difficult metal components on the boards
  • The boards can be cut with a knife
  • The tiles are easily slid into the grid system
  • No steel waste after the job is done
  • Easy access to installations after the mounting
  • Ensures better economy

A new integrated design of ceilings and lighting

The LED lighting fixture from EURO Lumex for Gyptone D2 ceilings function as key design element of the ceiling and simultaneously help to ensure effective interaction between the aesthetics, acoustics and lighting in the room. The LED lighting fixture provides high energy efficiency and assures light according to all international standards for artificial lighting.

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Easy to install

Edge D2 and the grid system has been developed with a view to creating a simple yet flexible system comprising only a few parts that can be assembled quickly and easily – thus helping to minimise installation costs. 

Watch the video and see how to install.

John Olander, Installer

”I have mounted ceilings for many years. It's quick to work with the new Gyptone Edge D2 system. For instance, there are fewer hangers than in other systems. For that reason, you only have to drill a few holes in the floor separation.

Numbers on the profiles and connectors, plus a simple main beam, makes it easy to assemble the beams and the profiles. In addition, the plates do not have any metal profiles. You can just cut them with a knife. It’s also really easy to mount tiles directly onto the grid system and the finished ceiling is very stable.”

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You can find more information about Gyptone Edge D2 in our brochure.

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How to install Edge D2

Get your comprehensive guide in our installation manual for Edge D2.

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Find the right solutions for your project

You can pick and choose from all Gyptone patterns when you choose a Gyptone ceiling with a concealed grid system.

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