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Filled joint ceilings

Big Choices

Gyptone BIG Boards are the ideal solution for large rooms that need an acoustic ceiling without any visible joints between the boards. The boards have a strong surface and even stronger connections, which makes them suitable for walls as well.

With Gyptone BIG Boards, you combine attractive design with excellent, documented acoustic performance, in full compliance with the most stringent requirements for reverberation and speech intelligibility.

The product range for Gyptone BIG includes three perforated standard patterns and a board (Base) without perforations, all with tapered edges.

Access to technical installations

Gyptone inspection hatch, which measures 510 mm x 510 mm, provides significantly better accessibility to ventilation and electrical installations. It is noted for being practically ”invisible”, as the gap between the ceiling and hatch have been minimised.

Paint again and again without losing acoustic properties

Unlike other types of acoustic ceilings, Gyptone BIG can be painted without losing acoustic properties. This provides the freedom to choose precisely the right colours for the room in terms of ceilings and walls.

Furthermore, Gyptone acoustic ceilings are very easy to clean and can be painted again and again. This results in a longer lifespan for Gyptone acoustic ceilings than for other acoustic ceilings.

Repainting must be done with a short hair roller and not be spray-painted, as this impairs sound absorption.

Invisible joints with four tapered filling edges

Installers can do their jobs perfectly, fast, precisely and safely. And the architect and owner will be pleased with the harmonious and consistent finish where the joints blend in with the whole ceiling surface. Watch the video and see how to install Gyptone BIG Boards.

Good acoustic comfort and durable design

All Gyptone ceilings include Activ'Air technology designed to decompose formaldehyde emissions from building materials, paint, furniture, carpets, cleaning agents and more – improving indoor air quality.

There are no chemical emissions from the boards or any other Gyptone products. They are 100% recyclable and have long life spans. In addition, the Gyptone products have been awarded very strong third party EPDs (environmental product declarations), and they are placed in the highest fire rating class according to CE-Marking.

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You can find more information about Gyptone BIG Boards in our brochure.

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How to install BIG Boards

Get your comprehensive guide in our installation manual for BIG Boards.

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The product range for Gyptone BIG includes three perforated standard patterns and a board (Base) without perforations.

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