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Good acoustics and attractive architecture is especially important in schools, universities and childcare institutions. It positively impacts the wellbeing of pupils, students, pre-school children and teachers.

Acoustics in the education sector is also tightly regulated by government and local authorities, which consistently demand improvements.

Gyptone Education Class Room

Quiet school

We cannot always make children quieter. But we can create a good environment – in childcare institutions, traditional schools and higher education – where intelligible speech and low reverberation time contributes to positive wellbeing. In well-designed educational spaces with good acoustic comfort, we communicate more effectively, students perform better, and there is higher retention of quality teachers and staff.


The education segment includes:

  • Childcare institutions
  • Schools
  • Universities

Gyptone is a great choice in the education segment. It provides good sound comfort, including low reverberation time and speech intelligibility. And it is a solid solution that can withstand everyday demands, while being easy to maintain.

Discover how to optimize indoor climate in educational spaces.