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For designers of shopping centres or retail outlets, providing great experiences for customers is key. However, it is also vital that the sound and light environment is pleasant, enabling both customers and employees to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Good acoustics, limited noise levels, and high speech clarity are all important in places where many people gather at the same time. A pleasant atmosphere creates positive emotions and improves sales.

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Gyptone’s solutions

Gyptone’s solutions are designed to provide excellent sound comfort. Furthermore, the Gyptone ceilings are versatile as well as practical. The gypsum tiles are reassuringly strong. They can be installed with built-in lights for general lighting or product displays and allow speakers and vents to be fitted with ease.

Gyptone solutions combine aesthetics with remarkable acoustics for a range of commercial buildings, including:

  • Shopping centres and malls
  • Retail shops
  • Airports
  • Buildings with public access
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