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Technodrome Room


Architect: Arch. Marisa Ziliani
Contractors: Isolservice Fidenza s.r.l., Fidenza

Airplane inside the factory

The main characteristic of this project is the curvilinear shape of the meeting room, to give the idea of being in an airplane. To realize the project, the most performing Saint-Gobain Gyproc solutions have been used Gyptone Big Curve boards for ceilings.

This solution is able to ensure the maximum technical performances and high flexibility of application even in the presence of volumes and curved shapes.

Gyptone BIG Curve Line 6

Gyptone BIG Curve Line 6 is a sound-absorbing special plasterboard that is only 6.5mm thick and can be dry bent down to a radius of 2.2 metres. The board is perforated with rectangular perforations that, together with acoustic backing tissue, provide good acoustic properties.
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