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St. Catherine's Primary School

United Kingdom

Contractors: Kier Construction

Ceilings for a new-build primary school

When it came to the specification of ceilings for a new-build primary school in Kidderminster in the UK, acoustic performance and aesthetic appeal were both priorities for Worcester County Council architect, Elizabeth Devas. She turned to British Gypsum for a solution. 

Kier Construction was the main contractor for the build, which was completed for Worcester County Council as part of the West Midlands Construction Framework.

Since the start of the 2012/2013 academic year, the staff and pupils of St Catherine’s have experienced an improvement in school life thanks, in part, to the British Gypsum Gyptone Quattro ceiling products installed throughout the building.

Architect Elizabeth Devas has the story: “Ceilings are a vital part of any school building as they play a major role in determining the acoustic qualities of a room. Acoustics can have a huge effect on day-to-day school life, particularly in the classrooms. Here, it is important to optimise sound absorption. This helps to eliminate echo and minimise sound transmission between spaces to prevent disruptions from external sources that could impact on learning."

Gyptone BIG Quattro 41 ceiling boards were used in the classrooms to meet the requirements of building regulations and create the desired “seamless, monolithic appearance”, along with a Gyptone access panel to make technical installations easy to reach. Gyptone Tile Quattro 50 and Gyptone Tile Quattro 20 tiles were also used elsewhere in the school.

Gyptone BIG Quattro 41

Gyptone BIG Quattro 41 is a perforated plasterboard with square perforation that, together with acoustic backing tissue, provides good acoustic properties. The boards are made with tapered edges on all sides.

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Gyptone BIG Access Panel Quattro 41

Gyptone BIG Access Panel Quattro 41 is a plasterboard hatch that you can install quickly. Designed to fit seamlessly into Gyptone BIG acoustic ceilings, the board features square perforations that, together with acoustic backing tissue, provide good acoustic properties.
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