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Architects: BOKA Powell

Innovative ceiling in new flight operations control

CertainTeed, the US distributor of Gyptone products, provided a ceiling system to Southwest Airlines for its Network Operations Control (NOC) centre at its recently built Training and Operational Support building in Dallas, USA.

According to BOKA Powell, the Dallas-based architects who created the structure, the intent behind its design was to create a beautiful, structurally sound facility and to organise employees for efficient, streamlined work. 

The interior, which is reminiscent of an airplane’s wings, plays with design elements to expedite communication among employees. A curved, acoustic ceiling has the leading role in this effort, providing an NRC of 0.70 and offering high light reflectance to disperse the centre’s ambient blue lighting, which was installed to keep employees alert.

The curved Gyptone boards played a vital role in arriving at the impressive design effect. 

Gyptone BIG Curve Quattro 41

Gyptone BIG Curve Quattro 41 is a sound-absorbing special plasterboard that is only 6.5mm thick and can be dry bent down to a radius of 2.2 metres. The board is perforated with square perforations that, together with acoustic backing tissue, provide good acoustic properties.
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