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Saint Luke’s Catholic College


Contractors: Atomic Interior Linings

High-performing learning spaces

With a strong focus on functional design, St Luke’s Catholic College in Marsden Park, NSW, contracted MBS Modular Buildings Systems to create, manufacture and install modular learning spaces throughout their new school to accommodate 180 students.

Acoustic testing for St Luke’s Catholic College demonstrated that the reverberation times for the learning spaces met the design criteria of 0.4 – 0.6 seconds, which suggests a low reverberation time – indicating that the rooms are of a high performance in controlling reverberation.

Paul Meldrum, head of learning innovations, Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta

“The acoustic performance of the modular buildings are the best we have ever experienced to date, spanning across 80 schools in our education system. We will continue to use the same design concepts with other structures, ultimately creating comfortable environments for our students.” 

Gyptone BIG Quattro 41

Gyptone BIG Quattro 41 is a perforated plasterboard with square perforation that, together with acoustic backing tissue, provides good acoustic properties. The boards are made with tapered edges on all sides.

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