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Private Residence


Architects: Marti Ebert, Link Arkitektur, Contractors: H P Hovelsen Byggentreprenør AS

New extension to an old farm

The main building of the old farm was worn and had been torn down some years ago. The owner asked the architects to design a new residential, an extension to the existing remains of the farm, respecting the old architecture.

The new build is inspired by the historical architecture, having for instance a pitched roof, but designed in a modern, minimalistic way.

Inside all ceilings are clad with Gyptone tiles for acoustic and aesthetic reasons.

Gyptone BIG Quattro 41

Gyptone BIG Quattro 41 is a perforated plasterboard with square perforation that, together with acoustic backing tissue, provides good acoustic properties. The boards are made with tapered edges on all sides.

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