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Contractors: Saint-Gobain Denmark

Riding the waves of BIG Curve Quattro 41

Not every architect builds with straight lines and clean angles.

When Link Mobility was creating its new office environment, it wanted a ceiling that was both functional and spectacular. Gyptone BIG Curve Quattro 41 gave it the freedom to achieve its true vision – curves and excellent acoustics in the same solution.

BIG Curve is a very flexible acoustic board that can be curved down to a radius of 1.2 meters.

At just 6.5mm thick, and with the elasticity to be curved to a radius of 1.2m (wet) or 2.2m (dry), BIG Curve Quattro 41 tiles are ideal for modern offices and public spaces. The long format of the boards makes it possible to create large and attractive, unbroken ceiling surfaces without visible joints.

To add the finishing touches, Link Mobility combined Gyptone BIG Curve with elegant wall and ceiling lighting, and seamlessly blended the wall and ceiling into one continuous arc.

The product range for Gyptone BIG Curve includes three perforated standard patterns; Line, Quattro and Sixto

Using BIG Curve tiles also meant there was no compromise on sound quality. Like any other Gyptone product, BIG Curve tiles feature the first-class properties that combine to offer acoustic excellence with a visually stunning look and a comfortable indoor environment.

The product range for Gyptone BIG Curve includes three perforated standard patterns and a board (Base) without perforations, all with tapered long edges.

Gyptone BIG Curve Quattro 41

Gyptone BIG Curve Quattro 41 is a sound-absorbing special plasterboard that is only 6.5mm thick and can be dry bent down to a radius of 2.2 metres. The board is perforated with square perforations that, together with acoustic backing tissue, provide good acoustic properties.
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