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Gausel School


Architects: Arkipartner AS
Contractors: Byggmester Øistein Torgersen AS

Renovation of existing school, including new extension

The requirements for room acoustics in new schools in Norway have been tightened. It was important to adjust to these new requirements when renovating and extending Gausel School, particularly given that the project involved creating a school with very open rooms. Gyptone Tiles Sixto 60 ceilings were chosen for this project.

Reverberation time measurement made by Frank Lemstad from Sinus, the 28 of February 2008. Statement: The curve for the reverberation time is very plain and below 0,6 seconds in all frequencies, the average reverberation time is 0,53 seconds. Speech clarity is very good.

Gyptone Tile Sixto 60 - edge A

Gyptone Sixto 60 with edge A is a perforated plasterboard with hexagonal perforation that, together with acoustic backing tissue, provides good acoustic properties. The board has a durable, decorative and easy-to-maintain surface.
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