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Centro Direzionale Via Dell'Arte


Architect: Arch. Giacomo Sicuro
Contractors: Coiver Contract Centro

Greater working comfort in the open spaces

The directional center in Via Dell'Arte 25 consists of 3 elegant and functional buildings dating back to the 70s. It is located in the prestigious EUR district which is one of the most important and famous tertiary poles of the capital.

The complex offers high standards in terms of both technology and aesthetics, with advanced design solutions and systems – based on maximum energy efficiency and very low environmental impact – aiming at achieving the prestigious international LEED Gold certification.

Gyptone BIG Line 6

Gyptone BIG Line 6 is a perforated plasterboard with rectangular perforation that, together with acoustic backing tissue, provides good acoustic properties. The boards are made with tapered edges on all sides.

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