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Contractors: J.Foster Plasterboard Contractors

Key acoustic considerations within restaurant environments

Acoustics are one of the most technically difficult architectural areas and are a crucial consideration for interiors, as poor specification can have significant impact on user experience.
Restaurants struggle with both sound generation and sound reverberation controls. Directly influencing these factors are the absorptive properties of the room.

Absorptive properties reduce reverberation time, which is critically important for speech intelligibility, increase conversational privacy and reduce general noise levels.Gyptone combines aesthetics and high performance, acoustic absorption helping to create a comfortable and stylish environment for all to enjoy.

Gyptone BIG Line 6

Gyptone BIG Line 6 is a perforated plasterboard with rectangular perforation that, together with acoustic backing tissue, provides good acoustic properties. The boards are made with tapered edges on all sides.

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