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Black tissue on gypsum acoustic tile
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Black acoustic tissue available

Posted on 09.08.2021 - updated on: 09.08.2021

Black is back! – Gyptone BIG now available with black acoustic tissue

For decades Gyptone® has produced and sold millions of square meter of Gyptone® BIG all over the world. Part of the success is due to the wide range of unique designs, the four beveled edges that ensures ease of installation and a flush finish, the excellent robustness and load bearing capabilities or the built-in best-in-class air clearing properties of Activ’Air®.

Now we’re developing our Gyptone® BIG range even further! Since May 2019 we’ve made it possible to order black acoustic tissue on all Gyptone® BIG board designs (2400 x 1200 mm), Gyptone® BIG Curve designs and Gyptone® BIG Access panels. This new offer adds yet another design dimension to our already extensive portfolio.

As this is a new offer from Gyptone® it will not be introduced as a standard stock item – but instead as a make-to-order option. When ordering the black acoustic tissue option, the following rules apply:

Gyptone BIG 2400 x 1200 x 12,5 mm with black acoustic tissue
< 2000 m2 = Standard price plus startup fee of EUR 300
> 2000 m2 = No startup fee - standard price

Access Panel with black acoustic tissue
Minimum quantity is 10 pieces - standard price

Gyptone BIG Curve 2400 x 1200 x 6,5 mm with black acoustic tissue
Minimum quantity is 2000 m2 – standard price

If you have any questions, please contact
Technical Product Manager:
Jesper Friis Pedersen
Email: jesperfriis.pedersen@saint-gobain.com