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Benefits of Gyptone products

Gyptone acoustic ceilings deliver aesthetic and functional excellence to all sectors: education, health care, offices and residential. They create calm and comfortable sound environments, plus a host of other advantages. These include clean, comfortable air; a flexible and modern design; good light integration, light reflection and durability. Gyptone acoustic ceilings are also a sustainable solution, with easy installation and maintenance.


Good acoustic comfort

The opposite of good acoustic comfort is noise – unwanted sound that has a negative impact on living, learning or working conditions in a given space.

Good acoustic comfort, on the other hand, is the ideal acoustic environment, due to appropriate acoustic reverberation time and high speech intelligibility.

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Air quality

Improve indoor air quality

The air quality of indoor environments affects our comfort and health. Gyptone products have low emissions, while Activ’Air, our patented technology that actively breaks down VOC emissions such as formaldehyde, makes your environment even cleaner.

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Turn your vision into reality with Gyptone acoustic solutions

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of offices, schools, hospitals, homes, and shops – and anywhere else you might work, play or relax. Gyptone acoustic ceilings combine function with design and come in a range of patterns and styles, each with its own unique Gyptone appearance.

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Durable solutions that last for generations

Gyptone products are durable and robust, with stronger edges and surfaces than many other ceilings products on the market, making them more impact resistant and ideal when you need to demount fittings. All Gyptone ceilings are fire resistant, too and will last for generations.

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Visual comfort

Visual comfort is a crucial factor in our wellbeing at home or at work. Lighting combines with the aesthetic qualities of the surroundings to affect our mood. Perforated Gyptone tiles have a light reflection of 70-75 per cent. Gyptone ceiling tiles also carry high loads up to 3 kg, giving great flexibility when working with additional lighting.

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Sustainable solutions

Gyptone ceiling products are made from natural, recyclable materials, such as thoroughly-tested gypsum and cardboard. Gyptone’s recycling system ensures maximum reuse of returned gypsum, while Gyptone plasterboards also contribute to clean indoor air quality.

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Installation and maintenance

Gyptone solutions are thoroughly tested and documented, ensuring impressive results every time. The light plasterboard tiles and grid systems fit perfectly together, guaranteeing a quick and easy installation. Maintenance is simple, too, from a quick clean to refreshing your tiles with a new coat of paint.

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