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Benefits - Sustainability

Gyptone ceiling products are made from natural, recyclable materials, such as thoroughly-tested gypsum and cardboard. Gyptone’s recycling system ensures maximum reuse of returned gypsum, while Gyptone plasterboards also contribute to clean indoor air quality.

Transparency through Gypsum Forever

We are committed – through Gypsum Forever, a responsible approach embedded in our business – to promoting sustainable construction products and processes. The environmental impact of our products is closely monitored. This requires transparency and the vigorous use of widely-accepted life cycle assessment (LCA) techniques to produce meaningful data which architects, builders and users can compare.

Meet certification requirements

Gyptone products are tested and approved by Danish Indoor Climate Labelling, Finnish M1 classification and the French health and environmental authorities. All approvals are in the highest class. Gyptone products can also help you obtain high scores in international building schemes, such as LEED, BREEAM and DGNB.