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Benefits - Installation and Maintenance

Rapid access

Some Gyptone systems are 100 per cent demountable. Other Gyptone systems use a specially designed Gyptone Access Panel to make access into the plenum as easy as possible.

A fresh look

Living with Gyptone ceilings is uncomplicated. Marks can be wiped off with a damp cloth. And if you want to refresh your environment, painting the surface in your favourite colour won’t diminish the acoustic properties.

Repainting must be done with a short hair roller and not be spray-painted, as this impairs sound absorption.

Seamless installation

Using Gyptone’s unique grid system gives you two advantages: a beautiful, aesthetic result and an easy installation that keeps costs down. Using the Edge D2 system, for example, creates a strong and stable ceiling that can carry downlights weighing up to 1kg.