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Benefits - Air

Cleaner air with Gyptone Activ’Air

Gyptone Activ'Air technology improves air quality and helps reduce formaldehyde concentrations by up to 70%.

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Active improvement of acoustic indoor climate

As pollution levels have grown, attention has been given to understanding and managing the threats of outdoor air pollution on human health and the environment. However, it was only in the last few decades that any attention was paid to indoor air quality in terms of its effects on health and well-being.

Building materials, paint, flooring, furniture etc. may submit VOC’s (Volatile Organic Components) such as formaldehyde. It is harmful to indoor air and can create health issues for users of a building.

Cleaner air with Activ’Air

Construction materials, furniture, carpets, IT equipment and items of clothing all emit VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), such as formaldehyde. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), formaldehyde affects our health, and high concentrations can cause nausea, headache and other unpleasant symptoms.

Today, Gyptone ceilings feature Activ’Air, a patented technology that actively breaks formaldehyde down into harmless, non-volatile compounds. The effectiveness of the Activ’Air technology has been tested by the accredited Eurofins laboratory. The test shows that Activ’Air decomposes up to 70 % of the formaldehyde in a controlled test environment.

10 kg of air

Every day, an average Danish adult eats 1kg of food, drinks two litres of liquid, and inhales 10 kg of air. Gyptone tiles do not emit any harmful chemicals.

Our products are based on gypsum, one of the earth’s natural resources. Gypsum does not contain substances that are harmful to the environment or toxic and does not release waste gases. These characteristics provide an excellent basis for a sustainable building material.