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Benefits - Acoustics

What is good acoustic comfort?

The opposite of good acoustic comfort is noise – unwanted sound that has a negative impact on living, learning or working conditions in a given space. Good acoustic comfort, on the other hand, is the ideal acoustic environment, due to appropriate acoustic reverberation time and high speech intelligibility.

What’s the secret behind Gyptone?

This video gives a short introduction to how an acoustic gypsum ceiling actually works and how it can create a more pleasant acoustic environment.

Improve the sound environment

Noisy, open-plan offices increase sick days among staff. Research shows this is a particular problem where many people sit together. One American study found that in open-plan offices with more than six people, absenteeism was 62 per cent higher. Gyptone acoustic ceilings can improve the sound environment in offices.


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Better sound at home

Many modern homes are noise-ridden because of ‘hard walls’ and sparse furnishings. Using acoustic ceiling boards creates a calm and pleasant sound environment, where speech is more easily understood.